About the Value of Education and Training in the country’s development

About the Value of Education and Training – Alapan 1 Elementary School

In order for this sphere to promote and effectively respond to international integration, globalization always needs a common development strategy in accordance with modern trends and updated regional and international standards.

The value of education and training in the development of the country create a knowledge economy for social development. A comprehensive reconstruction is necessary for the development of education and training in the period of international integration.

About the Value of Education and Training in the development of the country

Thus, in the view of the fundamental and comprehensive innovation of Education and Training of the Party, this is considered a leading strategy, policies, and measures to develop and bring the country to prosperity. Thanks to that specific determination, education, and training contribute to improving people’s knowledge, promoting efficiency, and human resources, and it is this that creates the values, motivation, and objective requirements of The socio-economic (socio-economic) development, the core of the knowledge-nuclear economy, is vital to the current global trend and international integration.

Because, Education and Training is an activity that has a direct impact on improving human intelligence, understanding, and applying scientific and technical knowledge to human production. At the same time, this is the best way for people to promptly access new information, update, and enrich knowledge and creative capacity. In addition, it also helps people to promote internal resources – the national intellectual level, in which the intellectual content in labor brought by Education and Training is what makes people a special resource of production. basic force, endless resources to develop a knowledge economy.

Also through the newly created Education and Training, encouraging and promoting effectively all resources in society, first of all, human resources for socio-economic development. People who are educated and self-educated will be able to creatively and effectively solve problems posed by the development of the knowledge economy. Human creative capacity is endless, but that capacity is only aroused and promoted through Education and Training. Therefore, the revival of Education and Training is the secret to promoting the development of the knowledge economy.

It is easy to see that before, when we wanted to achieve labor productivity mainly based on experience, now it was different, achieving productivity was mainly based on knowledge. Also thanks to the knowledge economy, we can quickly and easily create a breakthrough to promote endogenous capabilities “shorten the time, the process of industrialization and modernization country.

We all know that human knowledge is not natural, but is largely created through the process of learning, accumulating, and efforts in the education and training environment. It is also in this environment that cultural values, and social knowledge will easily become the property of each individual and thanks to that, these valuable values will continue to spread throughout the community society.

Besides, also through Education and Training, new social value systems have been created, contributing to the protection of the political regime of each country and ethnic group, creating people, social citizens strong political field, resisting “cultural invasions” in the process of international integration and global trends.
Comprehensive renovation is needed for the development of Education and Training in the international integration period. Thus, education and training play an important role, especially in the country’s development conditions during the current industrialization and modernization period, so Education and Training always need a long-term sustainable development strategy, taking that as a breakthrough. for the socio-economic development strategy, increase the sustainability in the job transition, the labor and economic structure transition, the attraction to external resources, internal resources, and efficiency in the proactive international integration.

Education and training need to focus on promoting human positivity and creative capacity, overcoming one-way communication, and machine stereotyping, encouraging people to learn, gradually transforming the current educational model into a learning social model with a lifelong learning system, and continuing training.

Priority should be given to developing one step ahead, synchronizing all three aspects: finance; management policy mechanism; training, fostering, and remuneration for teachers. In which, the force of teachers must know how to promote their internal strengths to contribute to the career of growing people, to promote all their potentials for the goal of developing the quality and capacity of each student. It is necessary to have advanced educational perspectives on time to encourage students, and lead them to self-acquired knowledge through experiential activities in the classroom, and outside of school.

In addition, Education and Training should be scaled up in socialization, facilitating: Promoting the process of receiving and transferring new technology for teaching – learning and educational management; building education and training institution strategy, planning, and planning; innovate, selectively inherit advanced educational programs in the direction of approaching competency, developing soft skills, paying more attention to extracurricular activities to help learners develop physically, gifted and luminosity creating, proactively integrating and accepting competition when going to the international environment has been concerned, researched and deployed in practice.

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