Process of SIM Card Registration for All Telecom Networks

Process for SIM Card Registration for Every PTE or Telecom Network

All SIM card users must register their personal information with telecommunications companies, or telcos, in accordance with the SIM Card Registration Act, or Republic Act 11934. Here are the requirements and registration process for users of SIM Card from GLOBE, SMART, TNT, SUN, DITO and Other Networks using the respective SIM Card Registration Portal. Learn more about Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 11934 Sim Card Registration Law, click here.

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Steps of SIM Card Registration for Every Telecom Network

Make sure you own the SIM card and have access to its serial number and phone number before registering it with your Public Telecommunications Entity or PTE or Networks. Just click your respective network listed below to know how to register:

NoteDue to the volume of users who want to register their SIM Cards, you might encounter technical difficulties. We advise you to try your registration attempt after few days, just bookmark this page and come again.To know more about SIM Registrationsee Most Asked Questions about SIM Card Registration.

When can Users begin their SIM Card Registration?

After the law takes effect, existing prepaid SIM cards will have 180 days to register with their respective telecommunications providers. On the other hand, there are 120-day extension for the process of this SIM Card Registration. SIM Card Registration official started last December 27, 2022 and will continue to accept registrations for the next 6 months. The last day of registration for SIM Card based on the law is April 26, 2023.

Valid IDs you can use in the Registration

You can provide an NBI clearance, police clearance, or PSA-certified birth certificate with your ID photo that was taken within the last six months in substitute of any of the aforementioned IDs. The direct seller could ask more questions or demand more proof of identity.

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