DepEd will start Catch Up Friday Program on January 12

DepEd Catch Up Friday Program will make every Friday free from daily discussions and learning process. Friday will be reserved for intense literacy and numeracy activities for primary and intermediate levels. In such program, the department will prioritize the development of foundational skills and supplement the existing interventions, ELLN and PhilIRI. The Department of Education planned to release guidelines in relation to the implementation of this program.

See: Guidelines for DepEd Catch Up Friday Program

Based on the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the Philippines ranked 79th and got one of the lowest Literacy and Numeracy ranking. This assessment showed that every 5 to 7 learners in Key Stage 1 (Kindergarten to Grade 3) performed poorly in reading and basic arithmetic. This learning gaps among our primary learners became notable in every national and international assessments as result of disruption of classes due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Department of Education is now taking this matter more seriously compared to the previous administration in such they are doing the necessary revisions, enhancement and re-evaluation of the K-12 Basic Education Curriculum. “We will revise the K to 12 Curriculum to make them more responsive to our aspiration as a nation, to develop lifelong learners who are imbued with 21st-century skills, discipline, and patriotism,” Vice President and Secretary Duterte said. She also added, “We will reduce the number of learning areas in K to 3 from 7 to 5 to focus on foundational skills in literacy and numeracy in the early grades, particularly among disadvantaged students”.

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DepEd Catch Up Friday Program

Secretary Sara Duterte acknowledged that the Department of Education (DepEd) is not anticipating positive outcomes from the most recent Program for worldwide Student Assessment (PISA), a worldwide system evaluation designed to offer input on the caliber of education in which the nation has been taking part since 2018. However, the department will continue to provide programs to address this learning gaps. Secretary Sara Duterte announced the start on January 12, 2024 of Catch Up Friday. DepEd Catch Up Friday Program aims to lessen then number of learners with numeracy and literacy difficulties.

Ibig sabihin, wala tayong ibang gagawin kundi turuan ang mga bata magbasa at ‘yung mga marunong nang magbasa, ituro sa kanila ang critical thinking and analysis. ‘Yung mga marunong na sa critical thinking and analysis, pasulatin ninyo ng libro, ng essay, lahat ng kailangan nating gawin na matutunan ng mga bata, gawin natin sa (It means that we will do nothing else but to teach the learners how to read and those who are good in reading, teach them critical thinking and analysis. For those who are good in critical thinking and analysis, let them write a book, essay, and everything that the children need to learn, let’s do it on) catch-up Friday,” Duterte said in her speech.

Catch Up Friday Reading Materials

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