How to get Digital TIN ID? (Easy Guide)

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) announces its new online service to ease the difficulty in TIN ID application. This new way of Taxpayer Identification Number application will give option for taxpayers in more convenient transactions with BIR. The digital ID is part of the BIR’s Online Registration and Update System (ORUS), where individuals can get a TIN number or update their information.

You can access this portal thru Simply follow the steps showed in this page. The BIR reminded Filipinos that this service is free and not for sale. Taxpayers availing of the services of fixers risk the possibility of getting a fake TIN, which may impact on their future transactions with the BIR.

Digital TIN ID

“With this new system, we can eliminate the practice of fixers and scammers selling TIN online while giving taxpayers a convenient alternative in getting a TIN, instead of lining up at our Revenue District Offices,” said BIR Commissioner Romeo Lumagui Jr.

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How to apply for Digital TIN ID?

Here are the steps for application using BIR ORUS:

Step 1: Update Email Address

The BIR required all existing TIN ID holders to update their email address if they wished to use BIR ORUS. Taxpayers may update their email address using Form S1905 – Registration Update Sheet and emailed to their respective Revenue District Office (RDO).

Step 2: Create BIR ORUS Account

Create your own BIR ORUS account thru and use your existing TIN number.

BIR Digital TIN ID
Step 3: Upload update photo

The system will require one to upload photos. Clear, appropriate, and recent images that resemble the individual accurately should be followed.

Step 4: Download Digital TIN ID

Your digital ID will be available for download. This digital Taxpayer Identification Number ID is legally accepted to be used in governmental transactions especially in BIR.

Features of Digital Taxpayer Identification Number ID

  • It serves as a reference for the Taxpayer Identification Number of the taxpayer and as a valid government-issued identification document accepted in various government agencies, local government units, banks, employers, and other institutions. Its authenticity can be verified online via the ORUS system using the QR Code provided.
  • The Digital Taxpayer Identification Number ID does not require a signature. The authenticity of this ID can be verified online through the ORUS just by scanning the QR code appearing in the Digital TIN ID using a mobile device camera.
  • Individual taxpayers with existing TIN can apply for the Digital Taxpayer Identification Number ID through ORUS. Users must enroll their accounts on the ORUS.
  • The Digital TIN ID is a permanent identification document. The physical and digital ID are remained valid, and holders need not secure a physical card if they possess a Digital one.

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