Solar Superstorm that can cause “Internet Apocalypse”

“Internet Apocalypse” is one of the most trending news this week. This destruction of the worldwide internet infrastructure is possible due to effect of a solar superstorm. “The internet has come of age during a time when the sun has been relatively quiet, and now it’s entering a more active time,” said Professor Peter Becker of George Mason University. This solar superstorm is predicted to happen next year or in the year 2025, which may result in weeks or months of disruption of internet service, GPS and even the electrical grids. Miesch said that such phenomena can “interfere with the electrical grid, degrade GPS signals, increase orbital drag on satellites, and pose radiation hazards to airline crews and astronauts.”

Solar Superstorm
A medium-sized (M2) solar flare and a coronal mass ejection (CME)

Real Effects of Solar Storm to Earth

There is consistent ejection of solar flares from the sun that hits Earth. However, the planet had its electromagnetic field that serve as shield against those flares. Due to possible hazardous effects of this solar flares, many space agencies around the world dedicated resources to monitor this phenomenon. As history testify, in 1989, which led to a 12-hour blackout in Quebec, Canada, and affected schools and businesses.

“Flares are when the sun brightens, and we see the radiation, and that’s kind of the muzzle flash. And then the cannon shot is the coronal mass ejection (CME). So, we can see the flash, but then the coronal mass ejection can go off in some random direction in space, but we can tell when they’re actually going to head towards Earth. And that gives us about 18 hours of warning, maybe 24 hours of warning, before those particles actually get to Earth and start messing with Earth’s magnetic field.” said Professor Peter Becker

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The predicted Solar Superstorm is said to have major impact on telecommunication sector. This phenomenon might result in months with no or disrupted internet connection. Many scientists had been concerned with the tremendous effects of massive solar flares in Earth’s electronic infrastructures especially with energy and communication services. According to The US’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the solar maximum for the current solar cycle and also predicted to have solar superstorm would be between January and October 2024.

Nevertheless, solar superstorm had no hazardous effects to health and human well-being. The planet is protected from this kind of harmful particles due to the presence of electro-magnetic field. This solar superstorm will test the integrity and resilience of our technological advancement.

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