DepEd proposed adjustment of the School Calendar 2023-2024

In the past 4 consecutive school years, the opening of classes is always set between August and September. This change in the opening of classes started amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. The adjustments are the results of President Rodrigo Duterte’s strict restrictions on movement all over the country. Those government interventions are aimed to avoid further transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The schools started to adopt these changes which made the school days fall from August or September to May. However, there are rumors about the Department of Education (DepEd) proposed adjustment of the School Calendar 2023-2024 or amendment to DepEd Order 22 s 2023.

Philippine education is known for its unique date of class opening which is usually set in June. This unusual date of class opening is due to problems in the classroom’s ventilation during the summer months of April and May. Therefore, there are proposals from different educational sectors to go back to the traditional school calendar of June to March.

In the recent updates, there are rumors regarding the possible amendments in DepEd Order 22 s 2023. This DepEd proposed adjustment of the school calendar puts the end-of-school rites on March 10, 2024. As such, if this adjustment of the school calendar is true, then there are only 4 months left for 3rd and 4th Quarter. Making the School Year 2023-2024 one of the most shortened academic years. In addition, the rumors also said that the opening of the next school year is dated June 25, 2024. This move realizes the proposed June to March traditional school calendar.

According to recent consultations with different educational stakeholders, they preferred to start the school year in June rather than August. The most common reason for this sentiment is related to the unease condition of the classroom during the summer months. However, experts said that if ever the Department of Education decided to bring back the traditional school calendar, it would take years of adjustments.

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