National Learning Camp (NLC) 2024 Official Tarpulin and Materials

The National Learning Camp (NLC) is a vital part of the complicated National Learning Recovery Plan (NLRP) that means to address the learning gaps clearly showed in 2018 Programme for International Student  Assessment (PISA). This program aims to strengthen the two fundamental skills in learning (Numeracy and Reading). The National Learning Camp (NLC) will be implemented in various strategies such as Intervention, Consolidation, Remediation and Enhancement. DepEd firstly scheduled NLC for five weeks starting July 1, 2024 however due changes in proposed opening of classes, it been reduced to three weeks. As the program begins, all public schools are required to use the official tarpulin and campaign materials of NLC 2024.

Based on the DepEd Order No. 22 s. 2023 “Implementing Guidelines on the School Caalendar and Activities for School Year 2023-2024”, the proposed opening of classes is as early as July 28, 2024. NLC is planned to be implemented in grade levels as follows Grade 1 to 3 and Grade 7 to 10 learners, however, the department also directed that all other levels should implement equivalent activities.

As we gather to celebrate the joy of learning, let us seize this chance to make a lasting difference in the lives of our students. Your passion and determination will definitely leave an indelible impact and instill a love of learning in those who attend the National Learning Camp (NLC). Let us make a memorable and enriching learning journey for all our students. – DepEd Schools Division of Imus City

Downloadable Materials and Tarpulin for NLC 2024

The official campaign materials and tarpulin for National Learning Camp (NLC) 2024 are available below.

NLC 2024 Tarpulin and Campaign Materials

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