Download DepEd Basic Education Enrollment Form (BEEF) 2024

Based on the DepEd Order (DO) No. 003, s. 2024, the opening of classes for School Year 2023-2024 is on July 29 for all public elementary and secondary schools. In such, public schools are now accepting enrollees for the next school year. It is our purpose to explain the process and requirements of enrollment for your ease. In addition, the Basic Education Enrollment Form (BEEF) 2024 for School Year 2024-2025 is available to be download. The official enrollment will be the conduct of enrollment from July 3 to 26, 2024.

However, private schools, state/local universities and colleges (SUCs/LUCs), and Philippine Schools Overseas (PSOs) offering basic education may adopt their own enrollment procedures consistent with their charters/school manuals and applicable DepEd policies. They shall report their official enrollment trough their schools’ division offices on or before July 22, 2024. In the case of PSOs, their official enrollment shall be submitted to the Private Education Office (PEO). – DepEd Memorandum 32 s. 2024

Enrollment Options in Public Schools

Enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools, including CLCs, shall be conducted through any of the following options.

  1. In-person Enrollment;
  2. Remote Enrollment (short messaging services [SMS] or any messaging applications, or email using the school’s official numbers/accounts or email addresses, among others); and
  3. Dropbox Enrollment (located in schools, barangay halls near the school).

Enrollment Requirements

The Department of Education stipulated that the enrollees should only ask for 3 documentary requirements as showed below.

Download DepEd Basic Education Enrollment Form 2024

The DepEd Basic Education Enrollment Form 2024 (download it here) contains the personal information, family background and academic data. This form is used by the school to create proper profiling of learners in future need as such LIS enrollment; communication; and academic needs and preferences. The most important information found in this form are the LRN, learner’s name and parents/guardian contact numbers.

DepEd Basic Education Enrollment Form

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