Feedback is crucial for the success of our school. We strictly implement our Data Privacy Notice in collecting information using this Feedback and Suggestion System. Here are some reasons why feedback from stakeholders is important:

  1. Identifying areas of improvement: Feedback from stakeholders can help identify areas that need improvement in the school. For example, students may provide feedback on the quality of teaching, while parents may provide feedback on the school’s communication with them. Teachers and administrators can use this feedback to make changes that will improve the overall quality of education.
  2. Enhancing student learning: Feedback from students can help teachers to understand how students learn best and what teaching strategies work well. Teachers can then adjust their teaching methods to better suit the needs of their students, leading to enhanced student learning and academic performance.
  3. Increasing stakeholder engagement: By seeking feedback from stakeholders, schools can increase their engagement with the community. This can help to build trust and establish positive relationships, which can lead to increased support for the school’s programs and initiatives.
  4. Improving accountability: Feedback from stakeholders can help to improve accountability in the school. When stakeholders provide feedback on the school’s performance, it allows the school to measure its progress and identify areas where it needs to improve. This can help to ensure that the school is meeting its goals and objectives.

Survey Results

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