Mrs. Penelope M. Jarange | Master Teacher 1

Here’s a question for you to consider: What is the primary ingredient in the recipe for every child’s reading success? Answer: an effective teacher who can teach learners to have a variety of abilities and deal with their needs with a heart

Teachers are the best instructional tools. Their knowledge, skill, and competence are essential in helping all learners become strong readers. Aside from the professional development a teacher acquired thru training, seminars, and workshops, she must possess personal characteristics such as helpfulness and having a kind personality. She has the ability to look into the learner’s problems and assess them on a more personal level. She needs to dig up the causes of why a particular learner has a poorer rate of academic progress compared to others. A teacher will discover many contributing factors such as life circumstances or undocumented learning disabilities that impede their learning. Through these, a more open relationship can be established between the teacher and the learner. The remedial session will be more relaxed and at ease.

Being patient is the foremost aspect of teaching a non-reader. Every tiny bit of genuine appreciation helps. Praising a small effort of these learners will definitely boost their confidence. Take one step at a time by working on oral exercises first. Do not let them quit trying. The learners need to know that it is completely okay to learn things slowly than not to learn at all. Patience and continuous encouragement is the key to keeping their enthusiasm towards reading.

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