Dogol-dogol's 'fightback' falls short, misses Regional slot

Kurt Covain Dogol-dogol vowed to redeem himself after his first loss, 11-4, 13-11 in the City Meet Table Tennis Singles A Boys to Roland Hechanova of Bayan Luma 2 held at Imus Pilot Elementary School on August 20. But on their next and final encounter, Dogol-dogol's valiant effort bore no fruition, 11-7, 11-9 as he succumbed to Hechanova's quick counters and on-point paddlings.

"Babawi na lang ako next year. Grade 4 pa lang naman ako. Natalo ko na nga sya sa Game 2 eh," promised the Uno paddler in an interview. Dogol-dogol's successful first encounter to Hechanova, 10-12, 13-15 gave the Alapeño his much-needed confidence for a comeback bid.

"Kurt showed a very promising game. Next year he'll be a stronger competitor. Hard work lang. I always tell my athletes 'Hard work works better than luck'," said Ariel Espartero, Covain's coach. Dogol-dogol short stature may not have hindered his paddling prowess but this proved insufficient as his 3-2 record fell short for a Regional Sports Competition slot. 

Dogol-dogol's 'fightback' falls short, misses Regional slot

Campus Wellness revives
Larong Pinoy

Nowadays, it is rare to see children playing on the streets with different classic games like patintero, sipa, luksong tinik, luksong baka, tamaan tao, tumbang preso and many others. It is even rarer hearing children yelling and cheering for each other, witnessing them truly happy while playing and socializing with other children. The rarity is due to the existence of technology which limits the children having physical and social interaction with others as they are imprisoned within the virtual world of computer games not realizing the fun they can have in the real world with real playmates.

Fortunately, Alapan Uno Wellness Campus tied up with MAPEH teachers to focus not just on health and nutrition but on physical activities to promote overall physical fitness in a project dubbed as "#Health goals mo ay Wellness” which was held for four consecutive Saturdays after MTAP classes. Varied activities have been organized for the pupils, the highlight of which was the “Wellness Campus: Larong Pinoy” held on September 28. The event caused teachers to reminisce about their childhood days and made children realize that authentic enjoyment could be attained from these classic pinoy games aforementioned. 

Campus Wellness revives Larong Pinoy

Larong Pinoy had indeed brought so much fun to the pupils and teachers as they had not only played with their classmates but competed with their teachers as well. And nothing beats the fun out of beating your own teacher in a friendly match testing their physical endurance. Boisterous yelling, cheering and clapping echoed all corners of the school, an evidence that even millennials can derive happiness from games that were invented by our elders. The success of the event led the Wellness Coordinator, Marivic Tumaneng to make this a yearly event. 


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