DepEd “Drop Everything and Read” or DEAR (Logo, Guidelines and Reading Materials)

The Department of Education (DepEd) implements Catch-up Fridays as part of National Learning Recovery Program stipulated in DO 013, s. 2023. The Department’s current initiatives provide opportunities to enhance learners’ academic performance, particularly the low proficiency levels in reading based on national and international large-scale assessments. Catch-up Fridays had already begun last January 12, 2024 in all private and public schools. One of the main components of this program is the National Reading Program (NRP) which planned to be implemented using monthly theme. According to DepEd Memorandum 001 s. 2024, the month of January 2024 will focus on “Drop Everything and Read” or DEAR activities. We had collected all the necessary materials including the logo, guidelines and reading materials for DepEd “Drop Everything and Read”.

As part of DepEd Catch-up Fridays, DEAR or “Drop Everything and Read” provides learners with an opportunity to read a book of their choice. This should be done independently and silently for a relatively short period, i.e., a maximum of 30 minutes with no interruptions or quizzes on what has been read. In this strategy, teachers will be in-need for reliable and easy to use learning materials like short stories, animated story books and different literatures. For that, our eLibrary will be a good place to download such materials. The Alapan 1 ES eLibrary had more than 2000 learning resources which 20 percent of those materials are purposely made for reading.

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Logo, Guidelines and Reading Materials

We prepared the links for our collection of reading materials for Drop Everything and Read (DEAR). You might also need to download its logo and implementing guidelines.

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Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) MaterialsLink
Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) LogoDownload
Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) GuidelinesDownload
Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Reading MaterialsDownload

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