(according to DO 37, S. 2015):
The objectives of the Framework are to:

a) Protect learners and education workers from death, injury, and harm in schools;
b) Plan for educational continuity in the face of expected hazards and threats;
c) Safeguard education sector investments; and
d) Strengthen risk reduction and resilience through education

All DRRM interventions should target the provision and/ or reinforcement of at least one of the education outcomes:

a) Access
One of the effects of hazards to education is the hindering of access of school children to learning services. Policies and mechanisms should be in place to ensure that classes will be immediately resumed.

b) Quality
While DRR/CCA has been integrated into the K to 12 curricula, the constraints to access, along with the psychosocial condition of students and teachers, affect the quality of education. With the disruption brought by hazards, there is a need to identify strategies, including support materials attuned to the learning needs of children and teaching strategies that could adapt to emergency situations.

c) Governance
With the acknowledgment that DRRM is a complementation of infrastructural and non-infrastructural interventions, governance comes crucial in this implementation. This will determine the institutionalization and implementation of systems and protocols that will be issued.

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