While most children learn to read fairly well, still many learners need extra time and help. This is why teachers are confronted to address these reading challenges.

Alapan 1 Elementary School conducts Project TUTOK BASA, reading remediation done before and after class, hours to deal with non-readers and struggling readers. Since there is a shifting of classes, the afternoon sessions’ schedule is 10:30- 11:30, and the morning session at from 1:00 -2: 00 in the afternoon. Their advisers act as tutors who patiently teach them to boost their reading skills. This kind of one on one set-up allows for immediate, positive, and corrective feedback to help the learner stay on track and cope with classroom instructions.

This project aims to increase the reading proficiency of learners from frustration to instructional and ultimately to independent to instill to them the love for reading, to promote ECARP (Every Child A Reader Program and to encourage a sense of personal responsibility for one’s own progress.

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Ang pagbibigay buhay sa kwentong ito ay bahagi ng mas pinalawak na pagtuturo ng Alapan 1 Elementary School. Ginagamit ang ganitong pamamaraan bilang kampanya na bahagi ng BaBiBu at Sulong EduKalidad ng Kagawaran ng Edukasyon at Dibisyon ng Lungsod ng Imus.

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Perhaps the most pressing challenges the school faces are that of ensuring that all learners become competent readers. Learners who experienced problems in reading quickly fall behind their more skilled classmates in their ability to decode and comprehend text. The initiative is in response to the rapidly changing learning environment of present and future learners and will introduce aggressive reforms to globalize the quality of basic education in the Philippines.

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