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Salary Grade 2022 based on RA 11466 Salary Standardization Law (SSL)

Salary garde 2022

Salary Grade for 2022 – Alapan 1 Elementary School

The salary grade in 2022 will have the same number of levels from 1 to 33, but the grade equivalent amount is higher than the previous year.

Salary Standardization Law (SSL) aims to increase the wages of civil servants, including nurses and teachers, in four tranches. It started from 2020 to 2023. The third tranche, it will enter into force from January 2022. The law was signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte on January 8, 2020

3rd and 4th Tranche of Salary Standardization Law

Are you dreaming of working in the government? Or maybe you’re already in public service, but want to know if you’re getting the compensation you really deserve? Then check out our Philippines Civil Service Salary Chart 2022, which details the basic salaries, allowances, benefits, and incentives you will receive based on your position, duties, skills, experience, and other criteria.

Third Tranche (Salary Grade 2022)

Fourth Tranche (Salary Grade 2022)

Policy Statement of Republic Act 11466

 It is hereby declared the policy of the State to provide all government personnel a just and equitable compensation in accordance with the principle of equal pay for work of equal value. In pursuing this policy, the State shall ensure that:

  • (a) Differences in pay shall be based upon substantive differences in duties, responsibilities, accountabilities and qualification requirements of the positions.
  • (b) The compensation for all civilian government personnel shall be standardized and rationalized across all government agencies to create an enabling environment that will promote social justice, integrity, efficiency, productivity, accountability and excellence in the civil service.
  • (c) The compensation of all civilian personnel shall generally be competitive with those in the private sector doing comparable work in order to attract, retain and motivate a corps of competent and dedicated civil servants.
  • (d) A performance-based incentive scheme which integrates personnel and organizational performance shall be established to reward exemplary civil servants and well-performing organizations.
  • (e) The compensation scheme shall take into consideration the financial capability of the government and shall give due regard to the efficient all location of funds for personnel services, which shall be maintained at a realistic level in proportion to the overall expenditure of government.

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