SMART Prepaid SIM Card Registration in SimReg Portal

SMART SIM Card Registration in SimReg Portal

All SIM card users must register their personal information with telecommunications companies, or telcos, in accordance with the SIM Card Registration Act, or Republic Act 11934. Following the recent rise of spam text messages that resulted in scams and the breach of some subscribers’ personal accounts, lawmakers have been pushing for the action. For other SIM Card networks, visit Process of SIM Card Registration for Every PTE or Telecom Network

How to Register your SMART Prepaid SIM Card in SimReg Portal?

Make sure you own the SIM card and have access to its serial number and phone number before registering it with Smart Prepaid. You should take the actions listed below:

  1. Registration of SIM Card is required for SMART Prepaid Users. All users must provide their information including name, sex, birthdate, address, proof of identity, etc.
  2. Visit the official SMART Prepaid SIM Registration Portal or click here.
  3. Input your Mobile Number and click “Send OTP”.
  4. You will receive SMS (Text Message) containing the OTP, you must input it on the portal.
  5. Then, enter your personal information on the SIM card registration portal to register.
  6. A photo of Valid ID (see the list of Valid ID below) must be uploaded to the registration portal. Make sure it is up to date.
  7. Verify all of the information, then press the “submit” button.
  8. Your sim card registration and personal details will be verified by the telecom operator.

Note: To know more about SIM Registration, see Most Asked Questions about SIM Card Registration.

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When to register your SMART Prepaid SIM Card?

All prepaid SIM card users must register with their respective telecommunications providers within 120 days of the law’s implementation, according to the proposed SIM Card Registration Act. After the law takes effect, existing prepaid SIM cards will have 180 days to register with their respective telecommunications providers. The last day for SIM Registration is on July 25, 2023.

Link for SMART Prepaid SIM Card Registration

  • Starting Dec. 27, new SIM cards will require SIM registration prior to activation. The following information will be collected:
    • Full name
    • Birthday
    • Sex
    • Present or official address
    • ID and ID number
  • A liveness check or selfie photo will be required for validation
  • Businesses or organizations will be required to provide the following:
    • Business name
    • Business address
    • Full name of authorized signatory
  • Beginning Dec. 27, subscribers can register for FREE through

Valid IDs to be presented in the Registration

• Passport
National ID
Digitized Social Security Service (SSS) ID
• Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) e-Card
Driver’s license
• Firearms’ License to Own and Possess (LTOP) ID
• Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
• Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
• Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
• Digitized Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) ID
• Voter’s ID
• Senior Citizen’s card
• Person with Disabilities (PWDs) card
• Other government-issued ID

Buyers can provide an NBI clearance, police clearance, or PSA-certified birth certificate with an ID photo that was taken within the last six months in substitute of any of the aforementioned IDs. The direct seller could ask more questions or demand more proof of identity.

About Minor Users of SMART SIM Card

The SIM card of a minor must be registered in the name of her parent or guardian, provided that this adult gives their consent and registers the card.

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