DepEd announces Grade 13: Fake News

The education sector and stakeholders are now in the middle of disinformation regarding the length of basic education. Early in May 2022, there was speculation that DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones announced the introduction of Grade 13 in one interview. In a treading post from, the Department of Education plans to add one more grade level to the current K-12 Basic Education Curriculum. This post turned out to be fake news, and caught the attention of many parents and learners, especially in Senior High School.

According to an official statement from the department, there are no plans for Grade 13 and the secretary never mentioned this in any of her interviews or statements. DepEd focuses its attention and resources on improving the implementation of the current curriculum. The speculated plan to add one more grade level will further complicate DepEd’s insufficient numbers of books, classrooms, and even teachers.

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Nevertheless, this fake post from, even resulted in worries and alarming disinformation, making way for the issue regarding the discontentment in the K-12 Basic Education Curriculum. It attracts the attention of education stakeholders, especially the lawmakers, in the issues of 12-year basic education in the country. “Does K-12 or the introduction of Senior High School really help the country in terms of quality and world-class education?”, is one of the issues that DepEd tries to answer.

There is no doubt about the importance of having sufficient and efficient basic education in every country. However, the Philippine education system implements too vast and unrealistic curriculum. K-12 Basic Education must be redesigned to focus on essential competencies, not on the number of grade levels.

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