Downloadable RPMS E-Portfolio Template

RPMS E-Portfolio Template – Alapan 1 Elementary School

The e-Portfolio, known as the electronic portfolio, is a digital portfolio. This is a collection of edited and user-generated electronic evidence, usually on the web. That e-Portfolio proof or electronic proof may include embedded text, electronic files, images, mixed media, blog entries, and links.

Components for RPMS E-Portfolio

KRA 1: Content Knowledge and Pedagogy
1. Applied knowledge of content within and across curriculum teaching areas
2. Used research-based knowledge and principles of teaching and learning to enhance professional practice
3. Displayed proficient use of Mother Tongue, Filipino and English to facilitate teaching and learning
4. Used effective verbal and non-verbal classroom communication strategies to support learner understanding, participation, engagement, and achievement
5. Established safe and secure learning environments to enhance learning through the consistent implementation of policies, guidelines, and procedures.

KRA 2: Learning Environment
6. Maintained learning environments that promote fairness, respect, and care to encourage learning
7. Maintained learning environments that nurture and inspire learners to participate, cooperate and collaborate in continued learning
8. Applied a range of successful strategies that maintain learning environments that motivate learners to work productively by assuming responsibility for their own learning

KRA 3: Diversity of Learners, Curriculum and Planning, & Assessment and Reporting
9. Designed, adapted, and implemented teaching strategies that are responsive to learners with disabilities, giftedness, and talents
10. Adapted and used culturally appropriate teaching strategies to address the needs of learners from indigenous groups

11. Adapted and implemented learning programs that ensure relevance and responsiveness to the needs of all learners
12. Utilized assessment data to inform the modification of teaching and learning practices and programs

KRA 4: Community Linkages and Professional Engagement & Personal Growth and Professional Development
13. Maintained learning environments that are responsive to community contexts
14. Reviewed regularly personal teaching practice using existing laws and regulations that apply to the teaching profession and the responsibilities specified in the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers

15. Complied with and implemented school policies and procedures consistently to foster harmonious relationships with learners, parents, and other stakeholders
16. Applied a personal philosophy of teaching that is learner-centered
17. Adopted practices that uphold the dignity of teaching as a profession by exhibiting qualities such as a caring attitude, respect, and integrity.
18. Set professional development goals based on the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers

KRA 5: Plus Factor
19. Performed various related works/activities that contribute to the teaching-learning process

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